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My New Cozy Blanket

It’s a tranquil evening, with a crackling fire in the background.  You are comfortably nestled on the couch, free to choose your adventure, whether it’s diving into a book, enjoying a captivating movie, or simply dozing off. These moments of blissful relaxation and safety are rare gems in our fast-paced lives. But what if we […]

How to Build Social Capital

In my previous post, The Value of Social Capital, I introduced the concept and how it contributes to team success. Now, I want to delve deeper into this topic and share some actionable strategies to create and enhance social capital within your team. Building social capital is akin to creating a durable, unified structure out of […]

The Value of Social Capital

  Recently I have been exploring what makes great teams and I came across a compelling concept – social capital. This notion, gleaned from the book Beyond Measures, posits that it’s not merely individual abilities or unique skills that set exceptional teams apart. Indeed, the metaphor of a brick wall illustrates this perfectly. While the […]