Accomplished and adaptable executive specializing in driving organizational development and strategic innovation. Proven record of spearheading large-scale transformations in highly regulated industries, with a focus on financial services. Expertise in strategic planning, engineering, change management, and operational success in fast-paced environments. Recognized for aligning stakeholders towards common goals through superior problem-solving and communication skills.

Core Competencies

  • Strategic Planning & Execution
  • Leadership & Mentoring
  • Cross-departmental Communications
  • Digital Solution Delivery
  • Agile Software Development Life Cycle
  • Change & Transition Management
  • Product & Portfolio Management
  • Business Case Development
  • Operating Model Development
  • Stakeholder Alignment & Facilitation
  • Coaching, Supervision & Mentoring
  • Emerging Technologies & AI Applications
  • Relationship & Stakeholder Management
  • Customer Needs Analysis
  • Enterprise Agile Transformation



Advisory and consulting firm specializing in digital strategies, artificial intelligence, and transformative change initiatives to help you thrive in an ever-evolving environment. Focusing on how to amplify the good in organizations by unlocking the potential of the workforce while leveraging emerging technologies and approaches.

CEO and Founder

Consulting focused on digital transformation, AI integration, strategic planning, and change management. Partnered with diverse organizations to create custom solutions, driving innovation and growth.

Fiserv – Alpharetta, GA

A leading global technology provider serving the financial services industry, driving innovation in payments, processing services, risk and compliance, customer and channel management, and insights and optimization. It offers a range of solutions for financial institutions, merchants, and businesses to streamline operations, enhance customer experiences, and safeguard financial transactions.

VP, Enterprise Agile Transformation

Responsible for collaborating with business units to lead an Enterprise Agility Transformation, affecting over 20,000 employees across multiple teams in the US, India, and LATAM. Managed a global team of coaches and change managers to implement strategy, governance, and launch criteria for participating business units. Initiated the use of diagnostic tools to enable product portfolios and managed transformation progress.

  • Improved misalignment between product, technology, and operation teams across the enterprise by creating a global coaching team for an Enterprise Agility Transformation. Resulted in improved productivity and goal alignment, impacting 20,000 people across the US, India, and LATAM.
  • Reduced high dependency on external partners for Agile training and associated high costs. Created an in-house Agile training platform.  Reduced training costs by 80% in the first year and doubled the number of people trained.
  • Implemented a program to improve product quality, understanding and empathy between engineers and clients. Implemented an end-user engagement program to demo early software to clients at least monthly. Reduced client-found defects by 30% and increased speed to market by 50% in the first year.
  • Spearheaded a program to address the lack of visibility and alignment in the organization across multiple business units. Transitioned from a project to a product orientation for 3500 users in US, India and LATAM. Enabled alignment of operational delivery with strategic objectives, that increased productivity and reduced costs.
  • Established a Generative AI Research Team using ChatGPT and Azure AI to improve productivity. The initial program reduced inefficiencies in story creation, unit test development, and data analysis. Achieving a 30% boost in productivity and enriched customer service responses.
  • Identified and reduced gaps in audit and compliance programs, eliminating wasteful processes across the organization. Developed the Enterprise Agile SDLC and compliance program to meet FBA, SOC, and PCI requirements. Streamlined processes with automation, improved compliance performance, and the program is now utilized by 20 product portfolios across multiple business units.

Bluestem Brands (Fingerhut) – Eden Prairie, MN

An American multi-brand, online retailer for a variety of merchandise, including apparel, accessories, and home goods. Fingerhut offers a wide selection of products, including electronics, furniture, jewelry, and clothing, often catering to customers with limited access to traditional sources of consumer credit.

Enterprise Agile Coach

Spearheaded the Agile transformation of the Technology organization, developing training materials, recruiting coaches, and facilitating sessions. I led the development of a platform for cultural organization change, worked with senior leadership to redesign product structures, migrated the organization to Jira, Jira Agile, HipChat, Confluence, and Service Desk, and partnered with UX, product, and technology teams to build a responsive web platform supporting 17 different brands across multiple devices.

  • Created a transformation team to improve transparency, speed to market, and collaboration through Agile practices. Led the Agile transformation, co-created all training materials, facilitated sessions with new teams, and established a network of volunteer coaches. Accelerated teams’ practices in engineering and DevOps, enabled remote participation, and expedited the Agile transformation.
  • Facilitated leadership engagement to resolve impediments limiting progress and transform the organization. Built a platform, ‘Hack the Culture’, which encouraged a new paradigm for delivery and leadership. The quarterly program resolved gaps in roles, organization structure and incentives to accelerate the adoption across technology and the rest of the organization. 
  • Resolved the fragmented and difficult to use tooling infrastructure that was limiting Agile and DevOps practices. Migrated the entire organization to Jira, Jira Agile, HipChat, Confluence, and Service Desk. Enabled a continuous delivery pipeline to immediately deploy any changes to any environment, improving operational efficiency.
  • Led the design and transition to a new e-commerce platform to alleviate the multiple tools used to manage our sites and make it omni-channel. Partnered with UX, product, and technology teams to build a responsive web platform and redesign the organization to support it. The delivered a platform supporting the needs of 17 different brands across all devices, enhancing the e-commerce capabilities into a single platform.

Earlier Professional Experience

Director, IT – Deluxe Corp – Shoreview, MN

Led diverse, nationwide teams of project managers, engineers, analysts, and architects to support Deluxe’s ecommerce needs using ATG and Hybris platforms. Instrumental in transitioning Hybris development from external to internal, championed Agile methodologies, initiated a successful internship program, and co-founded a Technical Architecture Group to shape the company’s technology trajectory.

Web Development Manager – MoneyGram – Minneapolis, MN

Directed global teams across four continents, strategizing with leadership to select and integrate a nearshore development partner. Launched a multilingual ecommerce platform for international transactions and partnerships and collaborated with PMO and Product Management to transition various projects from Waterfall to Agile methods.

Web Architect – Fiserv Output Solutions – Sugar Land, TX

Guided a 15-member team of developers and analysts using Scrum, Lean, and XP, and created a web configuration framework to streamline application and client management settings across various manufacturing systems.

Web Team Manager – Tier Technology (formally ChoicePay) – Tulsa, OK

Facilitated ChoicePay’s corporate buyout by Tier Technology and managed a developer team that designed an MVC web framework that was the platform for all our white label solutions.

Co-Owner and CIO – Physician Management Assistance Group – Tulsa, OK

Managed capital, technology budget, and client needs, transitioned to a paperless system, streamlined client communication, and increased operational efficiency through the development of a notification system and adoption of self-managed teams.