A proven track record of building technology focused teams of software engineers, architects and other professionals across a wide variety of systems and platforms.  Helping achieve organizational goals by supporting deep customer focus, collaboration, product discovery and delivery. 


VP, Business Transformation – Fiserv – Alpharetta, GA  — 2017 – Present
Enterprise Agile Coach – Bluestem Brands – Eden Prairie, MN — 2013-2017
  • Led the agile transformation of the technology organization
    • Co-created all training material, recruited new coaches and helped facilitate sessions with new teams
    • Used examples from XP, Scrum and Kanban for the starter kit material
    • Facilitated dojos (immersive learning workshops) to accelerate teams’ practices in engineering and DevOps
    • Developed interactive training materials using Node.js that enabled remote participation and collaboration
    • Established a network of fifteen volunteer coaches that helped expedite the transformation
  • Built a platform for cultural organization change called “Hack the Culture” which encouraged and explored the new paradigm for delivery and leadership
    • This platform sponsored hack-a-thons, experiment fairs, dojos and other learning or feedback sessions that encouraged the organization to embrace agile and product thinking
  • Worked with senior leadership to redesign the product structure to better support the organizational needs
    • Used swarms and dojos to shift leadership towards embracing interactive, lightweight prototypes over heavy design documents
    • Shifted roadmapping from complicated intake process to lightweight, transparent kanban boards that are available and visible to everyone
    • Used immersive sessions to mentor product and technology leaders on how to build strong product managers and owners
  • Migrated the entire organization to JIRA, JIRA Agile, HipChat, Confluence and Service Desk
    • Integrated HipChat, JIRA, GIT, Jenkins, Docker and Artifactory allowing a continuous delivery pipeline to immediately deploy any change to any environment
  • Partnered with UX, product and technology to build a responsive web platform that supports the needs of 17 different brands and across all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile)

Director, IT – Deluxe Corp – Shoreview, MN — 2011-2013

  • Collaborated with executive and senior leadership teams throughout the organization
    • Provided frequent communication to the executive leadership on the progress of initiatives and financials
  • Managed teams of project managers, engineers, business analysts and architects all over the US
    • These teams supported all the ecommerce needs for Deluxe using ATG and Hybris commerce platforms
    • Built a principle engineering team that encouraged practices for ecommerce and technology
  • Transitioned Hybris development from an external partner to an internal team to reduce time to market and support our organizational needs
  • Championed agile and lean methods in a command and control organization by showcasing how these methods can make leaders work more effectively
  • Established an internship program to recruit and build future leaders
    • After the first year, three of the initial candidates were offered full-time roles in our development organization
  • Partnered with leadership to establish a Technical Architecture Group that used this platform to discuss and debate the future technical direction of the company

Web Development Manager – MoneyGram – Minneapolis, MN — 2010-2011

  • Managed multiple teams of engineers, designers, analysts and project managers in South America, United Kingdom, India and the United States
  • Worked with leadership to find and evaluate partners for near shore development vendors in South America 
    • Selected the team members and established the organization structure to enable successful adoption of the new vendor
  • Created a web platform supporting touch screen, mobile and web applications to simplify integration with core services for retail and other partners
    • Worked with partners across the globe to gain understanding of MoneyGram’s needs for this platform
  • Launched a multilingual ecommerce platform capable of servicing international money transfer, bill pay and other strategic partnerships
  • Worked with the Project Management Office and Product Management to migrate several projects from Waterfall to agile methods

Web Architect – Fiserv Output Solutions – Sugar Land, TX — 2009-2010

  • Led a team of 15 developers and business analysts using Scrum and agile methods
  • Designed a web configuration framework to simplify application and client management settings across a series of manufacturing systems

Web Team Manager – Tier Technology (formally ChoicePay) – Tulsa, ok — 2008-2009

  • Assisted the corporate buyout of ChoicePay by Tier Technology
  • Managed a team of web and backend developers
    • Led weekly code reviews to establish best practices and educated the team about the architecture
  • Designed and developed an MVC web framework to be used as the central web architecture for all future web projects
    • Created the Rapid Provision Module (RPM), a tool to manage the extensive number of configuration settings needed to process financial payments
    • Built a layout engine in RPM to manipulate the location, description and type of controls on the page,  which enabled easy configuration of settings by anyone
    • Expanded the layout engine in RPM to encapsulate the Business Objects reporting interface, giving clients a robust reporting tool while hiding the complexity of managing Business Objects

IT Manager – Physician Management Assistance Group – Tulsa, OK — 2004-2008

  • As an owner of PMAG, I helped raise capital for the organization, managed the technology budget, went on sales and other visits to support the needs of our clients
  • Designed a web management system to handle all aspects of PMAG’s services
    • Reduced the need for physical filling by incorporating all the records into a paperless management system
    • Incorporated CRM capabilities and facilitated commutation with our clients and their information
  • Managed a development team that created a system to notify clients of any change in a physician’s status within health insurance networks
    • This system allowed a single employee to manage a network that was previously managed by four employees
  • Drew upon examples from agile methods and product management to build autonomous, self-managed teams that supported our clients

Database Administrator – Hillcrest Healthcare System – Tulsa, OK — 2003-2004

  • Constructed a web based management system with SQL Server and Asp.Net to manage all aspects of physician relations with Hillcrest Healthcare System
    • Tracked and scheduled physician office audits
    • Tracked changes to physician’s demographics and notified insurance companies of any changes via the integrated fax program

Application Developer – Duncan Equipment Company – Tulsa, OK — 2000-2003

  • Implemented and designed a system using embedded VB & C++ to import orders into our enterprise database from handheld Pocket PC bar code scanners
  • Redesigned the corporate website application using ASP, XML & JavaScript
    • Designed a web application to manage any issue according to ISO 9002 guidelines